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It's all about prevention!
Learn how you can, in a three-way system, help your body with cellular and gut health and also make sure you have enough essential building blocks!

Doctors are not trained to use nutrition as a solution. 65 different "diagnoses" can be misdiagnosed due to doctors not understanding magnesium deficiency.

Instead they put you on medication that can causes more difiencies leading to more health problems.

That is why you need to take responsibility yourself and learn as much as possible over what foods to eat and make sure to get into our daily routine!

Facebook is an excellent tool for education and learning.

I got groups on FB you can join to get motivated to get better habits that lead to better health. 

Make sure to join:

 Omega 3 - We share experiences

For you who want to learn more about how other people have benefitted from getting in balance after taking a dried blood test and using all-natural parmaco-nutrition solutions.

Other groups:

"Läka Inflammation" 

Also, make sure to follow
Food Changes Lives
on FB & Instagram!

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